Mr. Jeff Anton, T-CHEST


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Jeff is an Environmental Services professional currently serving as EVS manager/supervisor for WhidbeyHealth in Coupeville Washington. Jeff has also served at Swedish Medical Center (Seattle First Hill) as a system CHEST certification educator, and continues with CHEST certification training at his current position at.WhidbeyHealth.


  • Training supervisor overseeing employee orientation and training including both occupied and discharge room cleaning training (with return demonstration documentation.)
  • Lead AHE CHEST certification trainer (T-CHEST) for Swedish Health Care System (7 campuses - Seattle area)
  • DOT Hazardous Waste handling regulatory certification
  • AORN operating room terminal cleaning training and certification.
  • DOT compliance trainer
  • IICRC certified in commercial floor maintentance and commercial carpet care

In addition to serving in the healthcare industry, Jeff has been a life-long entertainer working in the music industry for nearly 50 years.

Jeff and his wife Lori have a vision of getting some other local musicians together with the homeless mission in mind, and that is supporting the homeless and local street missions such as the Bread of Life Mission located in downtown Seattle. Jeff and Lori have interacted with several of the Seattle street musicians, and have a tender place in the heart for the homeless - especially the musicians. Through no fault (of their own,) many have lived a life of playing professionally in various venues, (with no provision for retirement) and have found themselves out on the street in later life just trying to survive.

Using music to make a difference, Jeff and Lori have been seeking to put together a series of performance events with local musicians, incorporating street musicians into those performances, with proceeds marked for street missions (such as Bread of Life) to continue offering support, shelter, and respite to the homeless in the greater Seattle area.

Jeff is a life-long multi-instrumentalist musician and vocalist with an unmovable committment to his Christian faith and precious wife Lori; seeking to make a difference with music.